About Us

The Conscious Outfit is joining the sustainable fashion revolution that has exploded in the past five years. The fashion industry has been ranked as the second largest polluter, from the amount of cotton produced to emissions of shipping overseas. With sweatshops and child labor still on the rise, consumers have started to find fast fashion not worth the low price tag.

With backgrounds in design and luxury retail, respectively the ladies of The Conscious Outfit strive to create awareness of this global problem and encourage people to make sustainable purchasing decisions to affect positive change.

The Conscious Outfit came about from our own journey to become more sustainable participants in the fashion game.  Using our industry knowledge and design skills, we source clothing of value, make any necessary repairs and give that garment a new owner and a longer life.  By doing this we create less of a demand for new clothing, save water, emit less carbon emissions and dump less clothing in landfills.  

Conscious Outfit offers a well-curated collection of vintage, pre-loved contemporary and luxury designers. With our selection of one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories.   There services include personal shopping, private shopping, subscription packages, personal styling, wardrobe and closet organization.  

If we can assist in anyway, please drop us a note!